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Just a heads-up.

If you google "F4X", at the top of the auto-suggest terms, is "F4X Scam". There are several in the list with Scam in the title. I was just googling it to see if I could find further info on the workout, such as a video of a consumer showing what is in the workout.

Curiosity got the better of me and I clicked on one of the Google hits with "F4X SCAM" in the title. Twice. Both times, and I'm going to guess that similar titles will turn out to be the same, WERE LINKS TO THEIR ORDER PAGE, OR A "REVIEW" OF THE WORKOUT (positive) with a LINK TO ORDER!! The review did use the word Scam several times, in sentences such as, "F4X a Scam? You decide, after you look in the mirror and see your self from ten years ago [reverse aging]". Also, simply: "F4X Scam.... F4X Workout.". Something like that. Also, don't forget about Pay-Per-Click, which if they get any benefit from that, then all the complaints pages I alone have read, being links back to their main site, could have generated income for them. They needn't even have a viable product!

Reminds me of Amway!

You make your own decision (there is a money-back-guarantee, if I'm not mistaken), but for me the dishonest way they've gone about marketing leaves a bad taste in my mouth. And by the way, there are literally hundreds of YouTube Workouts online you can follow for free.

Note: I have no affiliation with F4X company, its owners, the workout, or sales/advertising of it.

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Valid points here - any "scam reports" that have an order link is a red flag for buyers


I did once buy a boo" which then came as PDF (as a downloadable file) to me, it was from this or these guys as well, as far as I remember.I must be honest, I did receive quite a lot of material, a lot of it was common sense but they did supply me witha lot of additional recipes and other things. I can't remember all, but it was NOT a ripp-off.Not sure what you get here, I just don't like this manipulative way how they try to get you to buy this product and that you can hardly find any proper review of this stuff.


Reviewis not a legit review on a the actual product purchased.I'm commenting on posts from last year and older but when people legitimately look for reviews on products, they need actual reviews from people who use the products. Not people who complain about not getting the hard copy but post nothing about the actual workout itself.

Did you use it, was it successful, how long did you give it before you gave up, did you call and ask for your money back, was it within your guaranteed window? Let place real reviews that people can use for products people, not *** sessions..


Previous review is simply an uninformed judgment. No research, no testing, just skepticism. He probably stays invested 100% in bonds too.

Many YouTube workouts are not vetted, may be harmful, and have outrageous claims.

Hey, save the scam comments for those that have actually tried the product and found flaws or discrepancies.


Yep .. a SCAM scam. When I see people trying to trick me from the word go, I STOP right there.


This is a great review of the product. I was looking for an updated

2014 review to check for changes and found it at

Also, there is another one at


I bought the download in April 2014 so I have been using the F4x just over 2 months. I don't know how many different prices are out there but it cost me $15 through a Youtube ad.

Evidently there is some kind of multi-level marketing going on because all searches for a legitimate review end up being a sales pitch. I am happy with the progress I have made in the short time that I have used the plan but I have not cut any corners. This is a high intensity work-out but there is opportunity to start at different fitness levels. If you are one those that can't handle working legs this may not be for you.

Is it worth the money? Yes if you are willing to follow the instruction and put forth the effort.


Misleading posting here. You are not a consumer of this product.

You didn't buy it or try it. So don't think your informed enough to comment. Judge the product on its own merit.

I was hoping to read here from someone who paid the $ and had a good / bad experience. Not attention seekers - the opinions of best guesser's.

"Its probably not a good product"

You are both funny and sad.

@Nipsy Russell

"Your" not informed enough on the correct usage of the word "your"


EstaQ here (can't remember my darn password):

First, Adam: THANK YOU!!! (the your/you're thing is on top of my List of Pet Peeves)

Nipsey Russell (and i know you're not the real Nipsey Russell, because the real one is funny and kind):

This isn't a product review site, it's a PISSED CONSUMER SITE.

Where you come to see if the Too-Good-To-Be-True products out there are either a ripoff, a scam, or a pyramid scheme, or Auto-Ship Nightmare. Or if the products just don't perform as expected. Or you couldn't get hold of anyone from the company. And on and on.

My experience got me as far as NOWHERE because I couldn't find a single review on the entire Internet, and I checked every page.

You'd think there'd be a review of the system (or whatever it is) somewhere online. Fitness Blogger? Mommy Blogger? Heath website?

I have found nothing. I said that it left a bad taste in my mouth, the lack of mention. I said I would not buy it based on the dishonest/disingenuous feeling I got.

I also clearly stated that the reader of my comments needed to make up his/her own mind, but to make use of my comments as they see fit. I suggest you do the same.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: if you read a review of a product and find you have no use for the reviewer's opinion, THEN DON'T USE IT!! Pissed Consumer isn't where you come for Sunshine and Lollipops. You can read Amazon for that. And even there you'll find reviews that may not be true to user experience.

I'm only reporting my actual experience. Feel free to disregard.


And by-the-by? I did not say "Its probably not a good product."

If I had, I would have put an apostrophe before the 's' in "Its"...

To form the conjunction of "it is", rather than the possessive "Its" (to be used where "His" or "Her" might be used.

I learned that from Carol Burnett, an old friend of Nipsey Russell's, WHO YOU ARE NOT! LOL

UNLAX, already!


Not sure if this product/regimen is a misleading scam or not without trying it, which I am now very hesitant to do. For some reason the "double guaranties" make me even more reluctant, even though they're as glossy as can be.

Maybe that's at least part of it. Page after page of a-little-too-glossy tease culminating in seemingly less-than-legit-feeling offer details.

The No-Go clincher for me was doing a little of my own Google research and finding (at first) the same questionable results that some of the other posters in this forum did. After that, it was all downhill.


Because no legit reviews of is a no go on purchasing.


I totally agree. It seemed very dishonest to me as well. I don't like people that do business like that.!


Yes, it's a real shame that they have such little faith in their product that they have to block the dissemination of honest reviews. Compare this to other merchants like px90 that you can buy on Amazon after reading a boatload of customer reviews. I only deal with honest merchants, I hope F4X someday gets it's act together.


Have yet to find a review that did not direct you to their product. Must say they kind of blanketed the web with their bias and so I have to wonder about the programs worthiness. But hey, buyer beware - if it sounds too good to be true.....

@Mutt 1917

Why is it too good to be true? They tell you that you have to work your butt off!

That's not too good to be true, that's just being true. However, since there is no way to find a real review and they do all they can to redirect you to the "clicknbuy"-button I will not purchase this document.


I tried to find valid reviews also-they don't exist-they are all links to buy the system. I don't fall victim to scams, so I'm not bothering. Did weight training for 14 years, which left me with bad knees and rotator cuff pain.


methinks they are trying to sell something that's already available and are going to great lengths to make sure you can't find an honest review. This kind of marketing immediately makes me NOT buy the product.


If it were really as simple and effective as they claim, then the details of the four exercises would be spreading like wildfire, but 90 minutes/week raises that 'too good to be true' red flag. After all, if I paid the money, tried it and it worked, then I'd want to share it with my friends, family, coworkers, and wouldn't want to charge them.

The details of the good news would be viral.

As far as money back guarantees from internet sellers, I'm still getting spammed from such previous deals where I have to 'block sender' on each of my internet devices. is an example of an otherwise good value site, until you get tired of the daily emails and try to turn it off...